martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Los ñus

Goals for the unit:
  • I can comprehend a story in Spanish. (memrise and Quizlet)
  • I can describe pictures and videos using new and old vocabulary.
  • I can retell the story "Los ñus" in Spanish with visual prompts.
  • I can answer questions about a story in complete, grammatically correct sentences.
  • I can function in a "solo español" classroom. Specifically, I can use gestures to explain Spanish words.

Evaluaciones (Dates TBD):
  • QUIZ: Vocabulary
  • QUIZ: Write about a picture and/or video using new and old vocabulary.
    • Speaking Part - Retell the story of "Los ñus." You can use pictures and keywords.
    • Reading Part - Read a similar story that contains vocabulary that you have learned and answer questions about it.
    • Writing Part - Write some sentences about some pictures and/or videos. Use new and old vocabulary. There will be a word bank and we will do similar activities in class.
    • Listening Part - Listen to the questions the teacher says and answer them.
    • Grammar Section - Conjugations. This section will be similar to the section of the last test.

  1. Presentación- Los pollitos dicen y los ñus  (No lo toques, ven, agarra, tira, toca)
  2. Extended reading activity (includes black-out activity)
  3. Partner activity Chain reaction- idea comes from Martina Bex
  4. Reading activity Purpose Games
  5. Traducciones - to improve sentences
  6. Writing activity - black out activity
  7. Kahoot class game