jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Soy yo

Goals of the unit:
  • I can comprehend a story with visuals to support my comprehension.
  • I can read a story and comprehend it without visuals.
  • I can understand and pick out cognates.
  • I can understand some words in Spanish because of the context, the visuals, or the actions of the teacher.
  • I can answer questions about a story and about myself.
  • I can say five things about the girl in the story. (Recap video)

  1. Quizlet - vocabulario básico
  2. Quizlet - vocabulario en contexto
  3. Quizlet - preguntas sobre la historia
  4. Textivate - put the words in order
  5. Textivate - put the story in order
  6. Textivate - fill in the blanks
  7. Textivate - speed read
  8. Textivate - put the 16 tiles in order of the story
  9. Textivate - link to ALL types of textivate activities (some of these are VERY challenging)

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